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  • Developing and implementing highly integrated Gigabit Ethernet xilinx Virtex II PRO design. Integrating custom Gigabit Ethernet IP Core with VxWorks hosted firmware on the Virtex II PRO integrated PPC405. PCB layout and signal integrity analysis on PCB before fabrication to verify high speed design criteria.
  • Plant process control monitoring application using Opto22 based Ethernet controllers. Used Ethernet networking and web hosted application to supply plant information to all relevant stations and managers.
  • Developed advanced industrial control application for large Seismic Instrumentation company. Intranet based with real time constraints, operator interface (GUI), and data management functions. Developed in Visual C++ and SQL Server.
  • Developed consumer web site for local bank. Used several web technologies (ASP,Javascript) in conjunction with advanced web development tools (Macromedia Dreamweaver, ASP). Merged the artistic aspects of the site (provided by an advertising agency) with the required functions.
  • Automatic (AVL) vehicle tracking application for large communications company. Allowed for real time display of vehicles based on the vehicles current GPS position. Web based, with mapping server providing real time maps and SQL Server database for data management. Developed in ASP, custom mapping server code,and Visual Basic modules.
  • E-Commerce web site for 3D modeling customer. Provided online automatic quotes based upon data uploaded to the site. Required custom product configuration and ordering. Implemented Secure site with credit card processing and back office order tracking (SSL, SQL Server Database and ASP).